Our mailorder is currently going out once a week, as safety is our #1 priority. Thank you - Alex

I Saved 713 Gallons of Water
I Saved 713 Gallons of Water
I Saved 713 Gallons of Water
I Saved 713 Gallons of Water

I Saved 713 Gallons of Water

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Through April 19th, 40% of the sales of this T-Shirt will be donated to Green Road Refill. Green Road Refill is a mobile shop in on Cape Cod that we work closely with and has been affected by the current world crisis. We cannot guarantee how quickly our mailorder will be shipped out, but we will do our best, with safety as the #1 priority. Thank you - Alex

About The Design

The design is based on the fact that it takes 713 gallons of water to make a new T-Shirt.

  • Artist: Alex Eaves
  • Print Run: Unlimited
  • Shirt Colors: Mainly shades of blue to represent water. "Mystery Overprint" would be any color T-Shirt with this design printed on top of the existing design.
  • Print Color: White
  • Print Size: Approximately 10.5" x 12.25"
  • Back Print: None
  • Back Print Color: N/A
  • Reuse Garments: Some of the shirts are brand new that were being discarded and other shirts are pre-owned shirts that have been washed, treated and ready for their second life.
  • Reuse Style:  Some of these shirts are printed on the reverse side (inside out), but sometimes we do use blank shirts. For the inside out shirts, we only use T-Shirts with minimal printing on the outside to prevent any possible discomfort. But as most of us have been wearing ReUse inside out T-Shirts for a while, we can honestly say that you won’t even notice.