In addition to teaming up with many artists for our own shirts, STAY VOCAL also teams with like minded folks to make their shirts, patches, etc. Over the years we've worked with bands, brands, libraries, non profit organizations, etc. More and more people are seeing that new T-Shirt production has a negative impact on our planet and the benefits of collaborating with us for reuse T-Shirts are plentiful.

  • Each reuse T-Shirt helps saves the 713 gallons of water it takes to manufature a new one
  • Provides additional revenue for you through shirt sales
  • Shows positive business practices by joining forces with another business.
  • Shows your commitment to the reuse movement by printing on the most eco-friendly garments available.
  • Shows a further support by partnering with an award winning Green Certified business.
  • Gain awareness from loyal worldwide STAY VOCAL fans and “Green” community

If you're interested in collaborating, please email Alex at

Here are some of the 
collaborations that we've done over the years.

  • The A.K.A.s - band from Philadelphia, PA
  • The Attic Fanatic - restyled furniture shop in Hanover, MA
  • Bent Left - band from Kansas City, MO
  • Cinnaholic - gourmet cinnamon roll shop in Berkeley, CA
  • Easy Eco To Go - eco blog in CA
  • EcoRI News - environmental news organization in Providence, RI
  • Empire Coffee - coffee shop in Chico, CA
  • Green Summit - environmental group in Summit, NJ
  • The Juice Jar - juice and smoothie shop in Erie, PA
  • Keep Durham Beautiful - environmental group in Durham, NC
  • Miranda's Hearth - art based non profit in Boston, MA
  • Oniphron - independent film
  • Replay - pop up creative reuse playground in Greensboro, NC
  • Red Robin Song - animal sanctuary and bed & breakfast in West Lebanon, NY 
  • ReRip - surfboard reuse organization in San Diego, CA
  • Restored Clothing - apparel brand in Chico, CA
  • Sanctuary Bistro - restaurant in Berkeley, CA
  • Samantha Castrovinci - tattoo artist in Durham, NC
  • Seabird Coffee - coffee shop in Cohasset, MA
  • Strike Anywhere - band from Richmond, VA
  • Two Little Buns - snack brand in Providence, RI
  • Wellfleet Public Library - library in Wellfleet, MA
  • World of Good by eBay - eco commerce site in San Jose, CA
  • Worldfest - eco festival in Los Angeles, CA