MLK Short Hoodie
MLK Short Hoodie
MLK Short Hoodie

MLK Short Hoodie

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The design that started it all.
  • Artist: Chris Head
  • Shirt  Colors: Various. Please note that the shade of color varies. "Mystery" could be any color or pattern, not just one of the options shown, making your shirt even more unique.
  • Print Color: White
  • Back Print:  White
  • Print Size: 10” x 4”
  • Reuse Garments: These are brand new garments that were rescued from a company that went out of business years ago.
  • Reuse Style: The garments were blank, so the design was printed like normal.
  • Sizing: Below is the sizing chart that works for these specific hoodies. 
    Please note that "Chest" is from to armpit to armpit and "Waist" is the measurement around the entire waist.